Bin 412 Customer Testimonials


Downtown Pittsburgh Restaurant

"We were thrilled to have Eric bring his enthusiasm and knowledge for wine to an intimate chef pairing dinner at our restaurant. His personality and genuine interest in wine shines through in the presentation, drawing in attendees for an immersive experience.  The planning process was smooth with clear communication.  We look forward to future events with Eric."

Restaurant Owner/Operator, McMurray, PA

"Eric's deep knowledge of wine is amazing, and his passion and enthusiasm creates a fun environment where everyone learns something, whether they are new to wine or an expert.  He is easy to work with and does a great job highlighting a restaurants best dishes and enhancing the enjoyment of both the food and the wine through his guided tastings.  He has built a loyal following and has filled events on his own without us having to do any advertising at all!"

Bin 412 Event Guests

"My wife and I joined the October event with Bin 412.  Eric Hiltz did an awesome job curating the event with history and impressions of each of the wines we enjoyed.  FANTASTIC VALUE FOR WHAT YOU GET!"  - Richard M.

"Eric has a wealth of knowledge and has taken his passion and made it contagious!  If you love wine and want to learn more, like his Facebook page, follow him on Instagram, and be sure to attend any of his upcoming events.  He surely won't disappoint and you will find yourself in an experience that will make for an exciting evening opening endless possibilities among the vines.  Cheers!" - Zach H.

"I have been to two of Bin 412's events and they are absolutely fabulous!  It's so much fun, hopefully you can check them out" - Kaetlin B.

"Great wine consulting company in Pittsburgh.  Eric Hiltz is passionate about wine and very knowledgeable" - Casey G.

"Eric's knowledge around wines is amazing!" - Kris W.


Detailed Account from Bin 412 Event Guest

"Enthusiast" is a drastic understatement for the care, diligence, curation and unbridled passion that Eric and Bin 412 have for wine. That pays extreme dividends for anyone who has any interaction with Eric and wine.

Eric has forgotten more about wine than most people will ever know...and that's saying something since he has a photographic memory and does not forget much.

The nice thing about Eric and Bin 412 is the personalization that he brings to each event and situation. You want high-brow French wine, he knows it. Want to stick with California...he's on it. Have an event where you have the food but need to match the wine: no issue. Reverse that and want to base food on some sort of varietal, grape or "terroir" (no, I don't really know what that means) and it will happen. I personally like Eric in this arena because he loves the challenge of constraints, whether it's theme, budget or surprise wines that no one has tasted in PA.

He's been to the wineries and knows the owners, players, sights and sounds: probably even the musical notes the birds were tweeting that day of his visit. His ability to tie the taste of the wine that day to the background in which it was experienced (remember the photographic memory) is an illustration of where he wants to take everyone who experiences wine with him. It's a magnificent journey.

Case in point, we attended one of the wine dinner events and he provided tales of why he chose the wines, their lineage and how/why it paired with the food. It was lovely and the night was worth it without follow-up. Then came the note a few weeks later that the wines we had never heard of had just been released in the top 15 of Wine Spectator's Top 100 wines of the year. He knows his stuff and wants to let Pittsburgh in on his wine secrets.

Anyone who wants to be "enthused" with wine should reach out to Bin 412 or attend one of their wine events. - Lance T.