Our Founder

Bin 412 has been in the works for several years and finally took shape in late 2017 when it was founded by Pittsburgh wine enthusiast Eric Hiltz.  Eric is a Baltimore native who moved to Pittsburgh to attend Carnegie Mellon University in the mid 90's where he majored in Management Information Systems and Business Administration, and was also a member of the Tartan's football team, earning first team all conference honors as a captain his senior year.

Shortly after graduating, Eric caught the wine bug during his honeymoon in Northern California.  Tasting the 1997 Stag's Leap Wine Cellars Cask 23 bottling during a late day visit, he became fascinated with what a great wine could taste like, with such power and intensity, while still being elegant and complex.

Starting with the 1997 vintage, Eric began to collect and study wines from the United States.  Over time, he became fascinated with the entire wine industry, including the great terroirs of the world, different grape varietals, and the viticultural techniques that shape the way wines taste.

He has traveled extensively to spend time in wine country and learn as much as possible during his visits.  He is also an avid reader and researcher on this topic and brings a wealth of knowledge along with a passion for sharing.  Watching him lead a tasting can be truly contagious, resulting in many guests starting their own journeys into a deeper understanding of the world of wine.

By day, Eric is an HR Technology executive, by night through Bin 412 he is laying the foundation for a future in the wine industry, pursuing professional sommelier certification, and sharing his love and passion for all things wine with others in the Pittsburgh area.

Eric lives in the North Strabane Township suburb of Pittsburgh with his wife and two children, and is excited about where this new "night job" is taking him.  He has loved meeting with many restaurateurs, gaining an understanding of the industry, and will be forever grateful to the following that has supported him in the pursuit of his passion.